Data Protection Policy

Kilmersdon Gardeners (KG) will hold members personal information collected through membership forms for the purpose of keeping members informed of organisational events and activities.  This information is processed fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to all members.

Personal information includes name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses and next of kin, as relevant with any other essential personal information provided by you.  When your membership lapses you will no longer be a member of KG, your details will be removed from our active members database and held in a secure lapsed member database for a period of three years, and subsequently deleted.

Personal data should be accurate and as necessary updated for KG records.  Every reasonable step must be taken to ensure your inaccurate personal data, for the purpose of KG, is removed or rectified without delay.

KG will not use or make available any of your personal information including email addresses for general marketing or through any third parties, without obtaining a member’s prior consent.  Data held by KG will be kept secure in order to safeguard the rights and freedom of members.

Members have the right of access to the information we hold about you and any request should be made in writing to the club secretary or chairperson.

You may also ask for the information to be removed at any time, however, in these circumstances we will not maintain your membership which will automatically lapse at the next renewal date.  Any such request should be made in writing to the club secretary or chairperson.